Sunday, April 10, 2011

a diary of little things and curiosities: today i believe...

I know I've talked about Laura Marie Given in the past, but I just had to talk about her again! She writes the most delightful blog called "a diary of little things and curiosities", and all of her entries are interesting, but my favourite posts she writes are her, "today I believe" series.

I came across her latest entry and just had to share with you all a couple of my favourites that, somehow, it's like she's going into my mind and finding exactly what I'm feeling, and is able to put it into words for me in a way that I just can't.

She also always posts the most amazing photography, and I'm always left wondering where she finds such gorgeous gems!

If you haven't already checked out her blog, you should. :)

***Please note the quotes below are not written by Elizabeth Marie, but by Laura Marie. EM is simply a reposting admirer. :)

"... that there's nothing quite so invigorating as really smart, thoughtful conversation.

... that it's important to keep some secrets to yourself.

... that you can't always give your all, and sometimes "just enough" really is enough.

... and that sometimes, you just have to choose, acknowledging and accepting that you'll eventually, either way, be forced to look back and wonder if what you did was right."