Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The job hunt = Not so much a time...

I've been back in Toronto for almost a month now, and after spending the first week trying to organize my life at the new apartment, I got serious about the job hunt.

I knew it would be hard, I really did. But when I had people telling me it would take two, sometimes four months to find a job, that was a bit of a blow.

Two months is a long time, four months is brutally long. After one month, I'm already pulling my hair out in frustration, feeling disheartened and constantly trying to perfect a resume that I once thought was pretty darn good.

Part of my problem is that I'm a planner, always have been. And sometimes I laugh at myself for feeling this way, but sometimes I get ticked off that this lack of job situation is interfering in my ultimate life plan. Things aren't going as I'd planned and hoped.

I guess Lennon was right: Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.

Here's the thing, potential employers: I'm hard-working, I'm dedicated, I'm curious and my brain is always ticking when it comes to being creative. I'm going to work at something until I think it's as good as it can possibly get. I get excited about new projects and challenges, and I'm young and fresh-faced, ready to learn anything you're going to teach me. I love public relations, it's my passion, and all I want to do is contribute to your company as much as I can. Why not give me a chance to prove it to you? :)

I'm always open to suggestions/comments/being pointed in the right direction, so if you know of a job that might be of interest to me that I may have missed, please, don't hesitate to comment, or contact me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, anyway you can. I'm all ears. :)

Wish me luck. :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Move = Complete. Apartment = Amazing.

I've been back in Toronto for about 2 weeks now, and after a stressful move I'm pretty much settled into the new apartment. It wasn't an easy journey, but we made it!

When Heather and I began our apartment hunt back in the summer, we both knew we wanted to live downtown, as neither of us is from Toronto and wanted to have that "downtown" experience. It took time, as these things usually do, but Heather came across a gem that we couldn't pass up.

The location of our new home is so amazing, it really couldn't be better. And not only is the location great, the house itself is absolutely gorgeous. Beautifully restored, the townhouse is much nicer than we expected!

The move itself was stressful, as there were lots of delays and mix-ups with the moving company, but a few days later, I finally had most of my things in my new home. As I'd never really moved before, when packing up my things from residence back in May, I didn't realize how difficult and time-consuming it actually is. I've always heard from friends or family who have moved around in the past that it can be draining, frustrating and annoying, but I didn't really realize HOW draining, frustrating and annoying it really is. After this move back to Toronto, I don't really want to move for a while!

Now that I'm settled in and slowly working into a new routine, the next thing on the "To Do" List? Find a job.

Wish me luck!