Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Baking with bananas...and Nutella

Even though I try to eat one a day, I'm not the biggest fan of bananas. I usually eat them dipped in some kind of cream cheese or yogurt dip, but at the end of the week there are often some bruised bananas left in the fruit basket. As someone who hates wasting food but has such a hard time eating them anyway, I try to use bananas in baking. With four bruised 'nanas left over last week, instead of making a banana bread that I would give away to some grateful family members, I wanted to try something different. Being on a Nutella kick certainly helped - after all, bananas and Nutella go great together in crepes, why not in a muffin?

That's exactly what I did: Banana Nutella Pecan muffins. After combining all my ingredients and adding a swirl of Nutella to the muffins just before I popped them into the oven, these beauties turned out wonderfully. Again, though I'm not a fan of bananas, the smell of those muffins baking was incredible, and I didn't mind it filling my apartment.


I definitely count this recipe as a baking success, judging by how quickly the muffins were devoured at a family gathering later that day!

So, if you have some bruised bananas that you're looking to transform in some way, I highly recommend this delicious recipe from The Novice Chef - I don't think you'll be disappointed!