Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Post-work coffee at Post

If you haven't been to Post Espresso in downtown St. John's yet, I insist you go. It is definitely one of the best coffee spots in the city.

I stopped by on a Friday after work a few weeks ago with a friend for a delicious beverage and was delighted as usual. I love the interior of the shop with all its clean walls, funky lighting and light woods.

I asked the owner when they'd opened and he said they're coming up on their first anniversary, which is very exciting for them. From what I've heard, opening a new business can be very difficult, but it seems the folks at Post have been successful so far in building a loyal clientèle. They serve a range of hot beverages, including coffees, lattes, teas and more. During my visit, I had a cafe mocha and my coffee companion had a maple latte, both quite tasty.

You'll also notice in one of my pictures a Nanaimo Bar square - yes, that was mine. I have a hard time resisting chocolate, especially a treat that is a childhood favourite! All their baked goods come from a local gluten-free bakery in Paradise, called Nourish. You wouldn't be able to tell it was gluten-free because it was absolutely delicious - like everything else I've tried from there!

If you're looking for a spot to grab a tasty hot beverage, Post Espresso should be your next stop. If you can't find something there that you like, then you clearly don't like coffee.

a delicious maple latte

and an equally delicious cafe mocha and Nanaimo bar

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