Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pizza at Piatto

One thing I really liked doing in Toronto while I lived there was exploring new restaurants around the city, and now that I live in St. John's again, I've been doing that here as well. Last night, I went to Piatto Pizzeria & Enoteca with one of my best friends for some delicious traditional Neapolitan pizza. 

I've dined at Piatto a few times before and thoroughly enjoyed it, and last night's meal was no different. I had a delicious Caesar salad and the Americana pizza, which is simply cheese and pepperoni, but coming from this scrumptious pizzeria it was anything but ordinary. To finish the meal off, C and I had the delicious beverages below: cappuccinos with biscotti flavoured Bailey's steamed into the milk, and dark chocolate shavings on top, with a side of biscotti. So good!

It was so great to see my wonderful friend and catch up on our lives again before she headed back to Ontario. I miss her very much and am looking forward to Christmas when we'll be reunited with the other girls again. Hurry up, Christmas! :)

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