Tuesday, November 27, 2012

O Christmas Tree

Tonight, my best friend Meghan and I went shopping for decorations for my Christmas tree. As I'd said before, this is my first tree that's completely my own, so I'm decorating it the way I want. And of course, typical me, I want it to be sparkly and colourful...kinda like me. Ha!

Meghan knows me well - I will hem and haw over things and take a while to make decisions, so she decided to "help me" make some decisions...which really means she pressured me, haha. Obviously not in a mean spirited way, but I knew I could count on her to give me that push that I needed to make up my mind as to what colours and things I wanted to put on my tree.

She helped me pick out a couple of packs of balls and some ribbons and lights and we were set. The first step of the decorating is complete with the lights on, and tomorrow, I'll add more. I'm looking forward to seeing how the finished product turns out!

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