Monday, July 12, 2010

hot, Hot, HOT! This weather is (what else?) HOT!

On blistering days like today, I find it pretty fun to people-watch in St. John's.


Because in a place that rarely has the sweltering weather we've been enjoying the past few days, it's always funny to see the reactions of folks trying to cope with being so warm.

While at work today at the bookstore, a gentleman came in and immediately started in on how hot it was outside. "I know, I hate having to be in here all day, I love the heat!" I said. "Nope, no, no, no, I'd rather we have rain and fog right now." he replied, almost bitterly.

Guess we can't all take the heat!

I know Toronto's been "enjoying" a heat wave these past few weeks, I'm just hoping some of it will still be there when I return for September!

Have a (hot) happy week!


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