Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Back to the Land of Rain and Fog

Having returned to Newfoundland after a gorgeous week and a half in Florida, it was hard to be happy about the weather here. As any Newfoundlander will know, we don't really get to enjoy a Spring season. We've been known to have snow storms in April, May, even June.

But the past few days here in St. John's have been really lovely, filled with sunshine and warm(ish) temperatures. I went for a walk around downtown on Saturday afternoon and couldn't help but smile at all the people in sandals, t-shirts, shorts, dresses without tights, all eager to catch a bit of the nice weather. How quickly we adapt from our winter wear to our summer threads.

Here's hoping the weather sticks around for a while..like, a long while....like, 5 months while. That'd be much appreciated, Mother Nature! :)

I haven't been as consistent in my blogging the past month or so, but that's because of my travel schedule as of late. All should be back to normal now, with a few new posts coming out over the next few days. I have a lot of things to share, like my trips to Toronto and Florida! So stay tuned and check back soon!

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