Monday, January 25, 2016


Sometimes I feel bad for the month of January. Everyone's coming down from the high of Christmas and New Years in December (and wishing we were still on holidays), and no one is giving any love to January. It's no surprise there's a day in the first month of the year that's called Blue Monday.

For some, January signals a "new year, new me, fresh start" sort of mantra, and I'm one of those people...most of the time. But, I too, feel the January blues - of missing the excitement of Christmas and parties and vacation and family time.

Sometimes though, on an afternoon in January when the sky is blue and the sunshine is beaming down through the window of my apartment, January doesn't seem quite so bad. Those blue skies remind me of new beginnings, a chance to try again, start fresh. The sunshine is like a beam of hope and encouragement. I'm going to hold on to that.

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