Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Welcome, autumn

Sometimes I think autumn is my favourite of the seasons. Not just because the changing of the leaves makes it look so pretty, or because I finally get to pull my riding boots, cozy sweaters and scarves back on, or because drinking hot lattes on cool days makes them taste a little bit better.

To be honest, I think autumn is my favourite season because of the nostalgia it brings up. I always think about what I was doing this time of year in 2005, when I studied abroad in Harlow. I've talked about it a number of times before, but that's because it made such an impact on my life. Now, each time September rolls around, I'm reminded of the happiness I felt all those years ago, and let myself think back to what I was doing those days. It's always nice to be reminded of times in your past that were so positive for you.

It's also good though, to think of what's to come in life, and what could come.  Sometimes, reflecting on the past has a way of making you excited for the future.

And so, here's to autumn: may you bring waves of pleasant nostalgia and the hope of new possibilities.

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