Thursday, October 22, 2009

Social Media Midterm - Question 1

In Deirdre Breakenridge's article PR 2.0, Brian Cross discusses how changes in technology will change the function of PR practitioners. In what ways do you think public relations will change and what role will PR professional's play in these changes?

Cross says public relations provides the ability to identify the correct target audience and give guidelines on how to bring in these audiences, thus making PR vital to the success of a business. Social Media and other technology and the changes in these have a large impact on public relations practitioners because they are forced to adapt to using these new social media applications. However, though some might see learning to use a new application as annoying, PR professionals are the leaders in opening a new door to communicating to even more of the world. If they want to reach more diverse audiences, they must adapt to work on the same level as these audiences.

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