Thursday, October 22, 2009

Social Media Midterm - Question 4

Who is Jamie Zawinski? How is the role he played in helping spread design principals important to you? How are the design principals he helped spread important to you?

He was influential in developing Netscape Navigator, one of the first web browsers created. By creating Netscape, Zawinski made the internet more accessible for the world. In the 1990’s, 90% of internet users used Netscape. While no one uses it now, it did start the revolution we call the Internet. Some might say Zawinski’s design principles, like Netscape, are important because to us because he created the first web browser. Others, like myself, however, think that if he didn’t develop a web browser, someone else would have come along and developed one, or something similar. Zawinski is important, not really for who he is, but for what he did.

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    he is important for who he is because he is a fanatic